Naming Ceremonies

Our Naming Ceremonies are specifically not religious, but speak of Love, Family and the Child. They are perfect for Families who are not aligned with any particular religion or faith group.

A Naming Ceremony is not just for babies; children of any age can have a Naming Ceremony. One of our experienced Celebrants, will be pleased to perform your Naming Ceremony for your son or daughter. All of our ceremony Celebrants are highly trained and qualified; they all share the goal of providing you with a memorable ceremony and special day.

Most Naming Ceremonies are held in homes or other suitable venue like a hotel, reception facility, etc. Some families even hold the ceremony in a park or other natural setting. The ceremony can be held at a location and time convenient to all concerned.

You may wish to include your older children in the Naming Ceremony as well as your new baby. The Ceremony is the perfect opportunity to declare your promises to your child before family and friends. It's also the perfect opportunity to involve relatives, such as grandparents, and maybe other adult friends. It is nice to have supporting adults involved, allowing them to confirm their special relationship with your child and share their promises at the ceremony in front of you and the guests.

Baptism Stories

It was such a wonderful service. We have received so many compliments from our friends and family about the baptism, many saying it was the best Baptism ceremony they have ever been to. Thank you very much for everything. We will definitely do the same type of service for our future children. Jennifer Dobson


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