Personalizing Your Ceremony

We think all our ceremonies are beautiful and most couples don't change them. However we welcome changes so you may want to make changes to the ceremony you chose. Here are a few suggestions as to how to do this.

All we ask are you making sure you send a final draft to your celebrant at least two weeks prior.

Remember the ceremony has to feel right for you. Make sure the ceremony suits your needs and feelings. We hope that the suggestions on the web page will help to generate your own ideas and thoughts. Include those suggestions that particularly appeal to you, or you may even prefer to create something completely different, to express your sentiments.

Every ceremony is unique and offers the flexibility to meet the individual needs and wishes of the family. Ceremonies can be specially created using the family's own selection of words, poems and readings from the wide selection provided, or you may also include passages and texts from other sources. All of our Celebrants are trained and experienced in creating and delivering the ceremony that best expresses your wishes and desires. Never hesitate to ask them for help or assistance.

As you craft your ceremony just follow the outline of the ceremony we sent you. Most ceremonies will contain:

  • Introduction and welcome
  • Reading
  • Naming of the child
  • Promises (Can be parents, or Godparents, or supporting friends)
  • Blessing
  • Closing words
  • Presentation of certificate

Additional options can include some, or all, of the following components. We suggest you consider writing and including:

  • Your reasons for the names chosen
  • Your hopes for the child's future
  • Parents can also have a section where they make vows to each other.
  • Involve the grandparents or other supporting adults. (Godparents, Aunts/Uncles, etc.)
  • Find ways to involve the other children. Mention them by name, make a promise, give a gift or hug, etc
  • It is always nice to mention certain absent guests by name.
  • There can be an In Memorial section. (To remember a deceased family member or friend)
  • You can decorate the table with flowers, candles, or other significant items
  • You can make presentation of a gift or symbol of love to the child - jewelery items such as bracelets or chains are common examples.

Remember its your unique ceremony, we encourage you to be creative. Your Celebrant will be pleased to answer any questions you may have, and often will help you find the right words when you are at a loss.

So go ahead, organize an in-home Baptism or Naming ceremony. Invite your family and friends to gather with you. Make a video you will cherish and that you can share with your child later in life. Celebrate the safe arrival of your precious child. Reserve today!

Just make sure your celebrant has a final draft of your work so the celebrant can practice the ceremony a few times before arriving.

Baptism Stories

Thank you so much for the lovely Baptism ceremony for Liam ...we were so pleased and one of our guests actually called us that night to tell us that it was the most beautiful baptism he had EVER attended...I'm so was perfect, the program, the music, the setting, the pace, the length of the ceremony...everything!!!


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